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This is the pre-order of the vinyl copy of the album. It includes postage and packaging to anywhere in the world. It is a limited edition and will be ready on the 3rd December. 

Vinly copy of album

SKU: 364215376135191
£25.00 Regular Price
£22.50Sale Price
Color: Black
  • This is the new album by Gabriel Moreno recorded and mastered during lockdown and which includes the collaborations of acclaimed musicians of both the Londona and Barcelona scene.

    Song listing 

    1. We Can Write England All Over Again
    2. An Angel Sleeps In Your Mirror
    3. Almost Perfect Face
    4. Ibrahim Gokcek
    5. Overstay Your Welcome
    6. Nosediving into the Night
    7. Margret Burns
    8. When I was  A Bird
    9. Lady Fame
    10. Poetry Mondays

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