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New Record 

-Whiskey with Angels-

20th December 2020 

"Gabriel Moreno and the Quivering Poets, helmed by the London-based Gibraltarian Moreno, bring to mind the transcendence and spirituality of Leonard Cohen from his The Future-era, a perhaps most apposite touchstone given that they rightly secure the last Introducing Stage winner’s award and will be back here again next year." 
(Simon Godley, God is in the TV)

"Gabriel Moreno is one of the last true bastions of musical purity. In a world where commerce grapples at everything, a listen to the Poetical Resistance EP is a refreshing exercise in grounding. This is music for musics sake; songs written for the purpose of existing, in the chords of tenderness, romance and community."
(Tristan Gatward, Loud and Quiet Magazine)


‘Whiskey with Angels’ is Gabriel Moreno's (winner of the Great British Folk festival introducing stage 2019) third studio album. After working with Amber Records and The Quivering Poets to launch ‘Love and Decadence’ (2015) and ‘Farewell Belief’ (2018) Gabriel Moreno releases his first solo record, self-produced with the help of the acclaimed musician Andrew Harwood (Harry Oakwood, Reservoir Studios).
The album centres around Moreno's poetical lyrics and baritone voice, which narrates tales of political discontent, poetical longings and romantic pursuits in the underground of London. It’s conceived to marry the profane and the idealistic to create a strong poetical perspective emerging from the Bohemian singer-songwriter scene where Gabriel is a long-time performer and curator of acclaimed nights such as The Lantern Society, Notes from Underground and The Poetry Brothel . The album also features collaborations with The Quivering Poets and other fabulous London, Barcelona and Gibraltar-based musicians such as Pablo Yupton, Adam Beattie, Ned Cartwright, Denis Valerga, Fiona Bevan, Pablo Campos and Ty Watling amongst others.





Gabriel Moreno is a Gibraltarian poet and singer songwriter who has been performing for the past 20 years in Gibrlatar, Peru, Italy, Spain, USA and the United Kingdom. His folk songs are both poetic and political, mining the same rich seams as Leonard Cohen, Fabrizio Dandre and Georges Brassens. He has two acclaimed albums released by Amber Records, “Love and Decadence,” 2015 and “Farewell Belief” 2017. In 2019 he released Poetical resistance,” a new EP which is he is promoting all over The UK and Europe. 

Photo by the great George Venus._Singing
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