The Day After -Chapter 4-

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

The Day After

Jeremy remembered what she said. Or did he? Her pigeon English had half a wing and the excitement of her beauty had failed to resurrect his Spanish from the drunken stupor of the night. Did she say she studied literature? Or was it engineering? The professor had disappeared. He was certain about that and according to his recollections he had managed to stumble to the taxi stand to share a cab with other nocturnal creatures. At night countries and continents cease to be so different: most people want to drown their inhibitions and experience a moment of release. That was his conclusion after his first moment of drunken madness. Though there was more antagonism in the air. He could not put his finger on it but it seemed that in particular moments during the night it could have all kicked off. Was it more dangerous? Probably. Juan had warned him of the perils of Chilean nightlife. He talked about ruffians, pickpockets, sadists, kidnappers and communists. He had only met the latter and they seemed perfectly harmless to him. Why were they so doleful?

Many interrogatives roamed his fuzzy mind that morning. What was clear was that he was in bed with his clothes on and his wallet was empty but intact. He could smell the Escudo in his breath and momentarily wished the beer had not been so cheap. What had she said exactly? She studied at the Universidad de La Serena but that he already knew. Nothing about a boyfriend that he could recollect. Her name? Oh yes her name he knew. Lula was definitely her name. He remembered her name perfectly as it reminded him of the song “Lullaby” by the Cure. He had told her this and she had responded that she did not know The Cure only to find out moments later that she actually did know them but had never heard the correct pronunciation of the band.

“De Ku:r/e/”! She had screamed, “Boys don’t cry!”

“Thi/Kiur/” Jeremy had responded in ecstasy at the realisation that the exotic beauty of the fascinating creature shared cultural references he could exploit and relate to.

Jeremy had gone on to list other bands including Radiohead and Blur, bands which Lula knew but was not enthusiastic about. She mentioned Nirvana and The Doors and Jeremy concluded Grunge was close enough to his idea of musical acceptance to continue his path towards romantic infatuation.